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Laying the Foundation to Your Business

Get started on the right footing so you don't run into hiccups later. The foundation is what your whole is business is built upon.

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Course Summary

Just because someone told you to form an LLC doesn't mean that's the right option for you. 
You'll learn about ALL the entity structures (there are others besides the LLC) along with how to register one with the right authorities. 
Why is it important to understand entity structure? Because it impacts your taxes and that will be covered.
Plus, you'll understand why you need a business bank account and the one I recommend.

Course Curriculum

Heather Ryan

Heather is the owner of Tax Queen, a tax firm supporting entrepreneurs and digital nomads. As a federally-licensed Enrolled Agent, she supports her clients year-round with tax preparation, tax planning, and bookkeeping for digital nomads and virtual business owners. She's filed tax returns in over 30 states so there's no holding her back. She hit the road in September 2016 as a digital nomad and hasn't looked back. In her free time, you might find her hiking, kayaking, baking, and of course, traveling and exploring new places.



I finally understand entity structure and what it means to be an LLC. Thanks so much for this easy to follow course. I feel like I am starting off with the right option for me. This course really breaks down all the options and the tax implications. So helpful!

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